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  • Future Stars Today

    Future Stars Today

    2017 Simon Fiset Competition

    2nd — Jonathan Staley; 3rd — Shichu “David” Liu

    2017 NW Chopin Festival

    Gold — Shichu “David” Liu; Silver — Robert Yee

    2016 Outstanding Artist

    1st — Robert Yan; 2nd — Jonathan Staley; 3rd — Shichu (David) Liu

    2016 Crescendo Int’l

    1st — Nile Camai, Nicholas Chin, Travis Lee, Angela Lin, Shichu (David) Liu, Caroline Oei, Catherine Oei, Ivan Penev, Annika Renganathan, Rebecca Sun

    2016 American Protégé

    1st — Arthur Yan; Robert Yan
  • Happy New Year, and Congrats!

    Welcome back, and happy new year to all CAM students. We hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season, celebrating with family, friends, and productive music making!

    Upon reflecting back to 2015, we realize that CAM students have already made an achievement. Since September alone, CAM students have already garnered an impressive 84 awards at local, state, and international competitions and festivals. We wish to congratulate these students for their hard work.

    We hope 2016 can bring as many momentous exploits in music, and not just in competitive events…

    2016 NW Chopin Festival

    Gold Medal: Alex Camai
    Gold Medal: Jonathan Staley
    Gold Medal: Kevin Yip
    Silver Medal: Nile Camai

    2015 Crescendo International Music Competition 

    First Prize: Alex Camai
    First Prize: Nile Camai
    First Prize: Jonathan Staley
    Second Prize: Nicholas Chin
    Second Prize: Odelle Huang
    Second  Prize: Annika Renganathan
    Second  Prize: Anaya Sahoo
    Second  Prize: Tiffany Zheng
    Third Prize: Rio Koya
    Third Prize: Amanda O’Brien
    Third Prize: Eugene Yuan

    2015 Classical Viennese Festival 

    First Prize: Alex Camai
    First Prize: Julian Frank
    First Prize: Claire Gong
    First Prize: Eileen Kim
    First Prize: Erica Li
    First Prize: Jeremy Lin
    First Prize: David Neese
    First Prize: Taissia Thesmann
    First Prize: Maxwell Wang
    First Prize: Arthur Yan
    Second Prize: Miles Chanbai
    Second Prize: Esther Liu
    Third Prize: Rio Koya
    Third Prize: Michelle Lee
    Third Prize: Travis Lee
    Third Prize: Caroline Oei
    Honorable Mention: Sanjana Chava
    Honorable Mention: Claire Ching
    Honorable Mention: Veronica Cifuentes
    Honorable Mention: Kunal Manish
    Honorable Mention: Colin Sica
    Honorable Mention: Bradley Tian
    Honorable Mention: Winnie Wu
    Honorable Mention: Eugene Yuan
    Honorable Mention: Jacob Yuen

    2015 Seattle Int’l Piano Competition

    Gold Medal, ages 9 and under: Rebecca Sun
    Top-Ranking Semi-finalist, ages 9 and under: Travis Lee
    Semi-finalist, ages 14 to 18: Alex Camai
    Semi-finalist, ages 14 to 18: Robert Yan

    2015 WSMTA Outstanding Artist Competition (Senior Division)

    Second Prize: Robert Yan
    Third Prize: Alex Camai

    2015 CWU’s Sonatina Festival 

    First Prize: Jeremy Lin
    First Prize: Emma Zheng
    Honorable Mention: Annika Renganathan

    2015 American Protégé Romantic Music Competition

    Second Prize: Alex Camai

    2015 Bach Festival

    First Prize: Oyku Calargun
    First Prize: Alex Camai
    First Prize: Nile Camai
    First Prize: Crystal Chen
    First Prize: Julian Frank
    First Prize: Eileen Kim
    First Prize: Emily Koya
    First Prize: Shichu Liu
    First Prize: Levente Major
    First Prize: Jonathan Staley
    First Prize: Rebecca Sun
    First Prize: Taissia Thesmann
    First Prize: Robert Yan
    Second Prize: Miles Chanbai
    Second Prize: Naomi Chau
    Second Prize: Travis Lee
    Second Prize: Jeremy Lin
    Second Prize: Catherine Oei
    Second Prize: Matthew Shang
    Second Prize: Radley Timajo
    Second Prize: Maxwell Wang
    Second Prize: Robert Yee
    Second Prize: Tara Young
    Second Prize: Olivia Yuan
    Third Prize: Sophia Beams
    Third Prize: Sanjana Chava
    Third Prize: Chloe Cho
    Third Prize: William Hartshorn
    Third Prize: Ryan Hu
    Third Prize: Ivan Penev
    Third Prize: Anika Samuel
    Honorable Mention: Claire Gong
    Honorable Mention: Ashlyn Huber
    Honorable Mention: Rio Koya
    Honorable Mention: Angela Lin
    Honorable Mention: Yilong Tang
    Honorable Mention: Arthur Yan
    Honorable Mention: Eugene Yuan